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Nippon N.S. PRO Zelos 8 .355"' Tip Iron Shafts

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The N.S. PRO Zelos 8 employs newly developed, cutting-edge, high-intensity NZNS60 material that outperforms all other patented materials used in N.S PRO competitors’ steel shafts.

The N.S. PRO Zelos 8 delivers the smooth control and performance of high-carbon material found in premium graphite shafts. The superior performance of the newly developed NZNS60 material produces a more stable and definitive impact than graphite iron shafts.

The N.S. PRO ZELOS 8 is designed with a low kick point and evenly distributed rigidity, which delivers more than ample flexibility from tip to butt. The ZELOS 8 is easy to handle with an extremely smooth swing and gentle touch, combined with the exact swing characteristics of a graphite iron shaft model.


  • Ideal for players that would like to use steel shaft, but do not have enough power or swing speed
  • Ideal for golfers not satisfied with the feel and ball flight of graphite shafts
  • Proprietary NZN base material to produce the lightness of graphite shafts with the control of steel shafts


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Nippon Zelos 8 Shaft Specifications

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