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Imide and Suns T40 Wood Shaft

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Imide and Suns T40 Wood Shaft

IMIDE AND SUNS products are based and manufactured
in Tokyo. Our craftsman with care builds each shaft
carefully one by one.


The manufacturing for our golf shaft differs from others. To keep 100% of the carbon fibers quality, polishing process is not applied.
We do not use polishing because there is no need for polishing since our shafts are baked in a machine called “auto clave”. Auto clave are often used in manufacturing high-precision carbon products such as satellites and parts for aircrafts. By so we are capable of manufacturing the world`s most high-processional carbon golf shaft.

For that special view achieved from that dream shot !

T series shafts are model that can be purchased and delivered quickly. Based on countless fitting data`s from design, ball trajectory, and total balance there
are 33 line-ups to choose from. Fitted for all types of player’s from pro to armatures and ladies.

T series custom

T series custom is a made-to-order shaft aimed at achieving customer’s ideal course of play, by designing the shaft from scratch based on customer’s club head by gathering information such has current Shaft information, swing data, etc.. For details, please check with your nearest dealer.

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