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Honma 2023 Beres NX Black Driver

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The next-generation BERES revolutionizes the conventional concept of design and function.

The six characteristic NX DRIVE TECNOROGY brings the flight distance and stability.

Solid Carbon Crown

Maintains high strength with lightweight by the carbon of the original grid-like concavo-convex's structure.
The fast repulsion area prevents power loss at impact archived the flight distance.
In the flight distance test of our factory, when we compared the concavo-convex, the initial speed was higher with unevenness, which provided the higher long flight distance. (According our research)  

L-Cup Face

Adopted L-CUP structure with high repulsion performance. Maintains a high CT value and increases the repulsion area by avoiding any welding on the face.
*This image is for right handed club.

Keel Design Weight

Achieves a high CG by placing the 12g weight at the rear heel side delivers assist true striking.
Yields strong trajectory with power to strikes from the rear of head at impact due to the vertical weight on the side of the head overlaps with the extension of flight line from a sweet spot.

Booster Slot

High repulsion performance and high initial velocity by the deflection repulsion at impact.
Provides the effective by widening the slot even in the low head speed.
The wide slot that extends to the toe generates repulsion for more speed, keeps the initial speed even in a miss hit.

Evolved Radial Face

The repulsion area from side to side and up and down on the face expanded due to radiate the uneven thickness face. 
*This image is for right handed club.

X Lib

X Lib increases the rigidity of the outer circumference of the face, prevents power loss at the impact and generates high resilience.
*This image is for right handed club.

P-SAT Precision Spine Control

The spine is set identically on all clubs, to stabilizes shaft movement and retains consistency through the set.


The HONMA original system enables to adjust lie, loft, and face angle without rotating the shaft. The angle adjustment system does not change swing feelings in any position.
*This image is for right handed club.

Loft (deg.) 10.5
Head Material Ti6-4 Body(Casting)+Carbon Crown+Tungsten+ ZAT-158TI Face(Rolling)
Head Volume(㎤) 450
Lie Angle (deg.) 58.5
Length(inch) VIZARD FOR NX/VIZARD PT(Platinum) 45.5
Swing Weight/Total Weight(g) VIZARD FOR NX 45 R D1/ approx. 286
SR D1/ approx. 288
S D1.5/ approx. 290
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