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GreenTee Golf Shop Club Fitting

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Club Fitting
Club fitting 
Full bag all woods, irons, wedges, putters $450/3.5hrs
Executive Full Bag all woods irons wedges $350/3hrs
Long Game driver, fairway, hybrids $250/2.5hrs
Driver fitting $150/1.5hrs
Iron fitting $150/1.5hrs
Fairway Wood/Hybrid Fitting $150/1hr
Putter fitting $75/30mins
Wedge fitting $100/1hr
Gap Analysis $100/1hr
Loft & Lie Fitting $100/1hr
Existing Clubs Assessment $150/1hr

Trackman 4

TrackMan 4 is the tracking unit of choice for golf fitting. It combines two radars and one camera for zero doubt. That’s innovation. That’s better data. Better golf. More accuracy. And complete trust.
Pro Shop
Pro Shop
Regrip plus cost of grip  $   5.00
Regrip customer supply grip  $  10.00
Save grip per grip  $  15.00
Save Putter Grip per grip  $  20.00
Shorten Club Price of new grip 
Shorten Club (Save Grip)  $  15.00
Extensions per club  $  15.00
Reshaft (Steel or Graphite) Plus Cost of Shaft  $  25.00
Reshaft customer supply shaft  $  30.00
Shorten and save grips per club  $  15.00
Reattach head per club  $  25.00
Speed X Bonding  per club  $  75.00
Pull head/adapter per club  $  15.00
Swingweight Adjustment per club  $  25.00
Flo Tracing plus cost of shaft  $  25.00
Flo Tracing customer supply shaft  $  30.00
Lie/loft charting Full Set  $  15.00
Lie/loft adjustment Per Club  $  10.00
Club Building Speed X Bonding (Express Service) Full Iron Set  $  400.00



Speed Bonding Machine

Speed X Bonding
Bonding in Seconds
Totally new Adhesive Type
One component
Cures in Seconds by Induction Heat
Easy and Fail-safe
Higher Performance and Robustness than standard Golf Adhesives
Debonding in Seconds
Debonding of every Adhesive Type
Debonding in Seconds by Induction Heat
Debonding of every Golf Club Type
No Risk of damaging Carbon Shafts

Flo Tracing

FLO is short for Flat Line Oscillation. It refers to the way a clamped shaft vibrates. If you clamp the butt of a shaft and put a weight (or a clubhead) at the tip, you will get some pattern to the vibration.
Due to the fact that irons aren't adjustable, getting your irons FLO traced is a good idea. ... If you have graphite shafted irons then getting the spines aligned is even more important.


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