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Fujikura 2023 AXIOM 105 Iron Shaft

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AXIOM 105 Iron Shaft

The flagship VeloCore Technology that made VENTUS a worldwide success is now available in an innovative new composite iron shaft.

AXIOM ushers in a new era of performance-driven iron shafts that deliver ultimate consistency, stability, and unmatched workability to give golfers extreme confidence with every swing.


VeloCore Technology

A proprietary multi-material bias core construction that creates unparalleled stability through transition and at impact.


For AXIOM, VeloCore has been specifically tailored and modified to ensure that the groundbreaking results players have experienced with VENTUS metalwood shafts are just as impressive in their irons. VeloCore Technology increases the stability of the club during the swing and at impact, resulting in more efficient strikes and improved performance on mishit shots. Improved consistency, accuracy, and distance help golfers hit it closer to their target more frequently.



Once used only for wood shaft testing and research, we’ve now expanded our research and analytics to encompass iron shafts, helping ensure that we pinpoint the exact locations for material and technology integration to deliver the most benefit to the golfer.


An innovative and first of its kind 3-part parallel shaft design allows for tailored and specific performance throughout the iron set. Advanced lay-up techniques and material layouts cater to each profile to ensure constant weight and consistent results.

Separate parallel sections result in minimal tip trimming, allowing the integration of premium materials further down the shaft to amplify performance.


AXIOM long parallel shafts (#2, #3, #4) allow players to maximize carry distances while still maintaining controlled launch and spin rates to comfortably hold a green.


AXIOM mid parallel shafts (#5, #6, #7) provide players ultimate workability with amazing consistency. Preferred shot shaping, ball flight control, and launch windows have never been this easy to achieve.


AXIOM short parallel shafts (#8, #9, W) offer extreme accuracy, consistency, and tightened dispersion in the scoring clubs for closer shots to the pin and shorter putts.



AXIOM is a product years in the making. Extreme innovation, technology, and design join together to give golfers a new benchmark for iron shaft performance.

Powered by revolutionary VeloCore Technology to unlock uncompromised player potential.

AXIOM 105 Iron Shaft

A mid-weight option suited for players of varying swing speeds. AXIOM 105 S and X give players a lighter weight package than traditional steel, without sacrificing any control.







Tip Flex

Butt Flex


Par. Tip Length

Butt Diameter

Bend Point



AXIOM 105 S LP 40.5 105 40 45 1.9 2.5 .600 M M/L M/L
S MP 39 105 39 45.5 1.7 2.5 .600 M M/L M/L
S SP 37.5 105 37 44.5 1.5 2.5 .600 M M/L M/L
X LP 40.5 105 37 42 1.9 2.5 .600 M/H M/L M/L
X MP 39 105 36 41.5 1.7 2.5 .600 M/H M/L M/L
X SP 37.5 105 34 41 1.5 2.5 .600 M/H M/L M/L
  • LP = Long Parallel (2iron)
  • MP = Mid Parallel (5iron)
  • SP = Short Parallel (8iron)
*Torque values will progressively lower throughout the set
*AXIOM shafts are .370 parallel tip and can be trimmed to fit .
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