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AutoFlex Iron Shaft

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AutoFlex Iron Shaft

The performance of the Autoflex golf shaft begins with the new concept that is up to 20 to 30 grams lighter than a conventional golf shaft.

The lighter weight and K.H.T (Korea hidden technology) optimises the transfer of energy to create increased ball speed, creating more carry distance and roll.

Length – Uncut 39" inch


Choose your colour available in Black and Pink / Rainbow / Yellow

Black and Pink



Tip Size – 0.370

Trimming instructions (tip 0.370):
- 4 iron-No tip trim. Cut butt only
- 5 iron-Tip 0.5 inch. Cut butt to length
- 6 iron-Tip 1 inch. Cut butt to length
- 7 iron-Tip 1.5 inch. Cut butt to length
- 8 iron-Tip 2 inches. Cut butt to length
- 9 iron-Tip 2.5 inches. Cut butt to length
- PW / GW / SW-Tip 3 inches. Cut butt to length

Iron shafts will be sent uncut without adaptors or grips unless stated. If collection and installation is chosen, we will arrange collection of your irons.



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