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Honma BE-09 3-Star Men's Driver

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Honma BE-09 3-Star Men's Driver

Honma BE-09 3-Star Men's Driver

Introducing the Honma Beres 09 3S Driver – a masterpiece born from the fusion of craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and premium materials. Crafted with love for golf, this driver not only delivers exceptional functionality but also boasts a timeless beauty backed by tradition, captivating golfers worldwide.

Luxury Design with Soaring Performance
Designed to provide maximum distance and forgiveness for average golfers, the Beres 09 Black Driver features a redesigned head structure while preserving the refreshing feel and sound that characterizes the BERES series. The evolution from the previous titanium monocoque structure to a solid carbon composite structure enhances grip ease by lightweighting the toe side and shifting the center of gravity toward the heel. The result is improved playability and a slightly softer impact sound.
Quad Bridge Powerface for Maximum Resilience
Efficiency in maximizing face rebound requires an almost perfect circular rebound area. The Quad Bridge Powerface addresses this by strategically placing bridges in four directions, approaching a near-circular rebound area. The exclusive "HMT Face Material" developed by HONMA enhances strength, achieving a further improvement in distance performance while minimizing distance loss on off-center hits.
PBDB Weight for Push Back & Draw Bias
Innovative weight placement at the backside, extending along the flight path rather than the sole, enhances energy transfer, pushing back the head, and increasing initial velocity. The heel-side positioning also improves grip performance, offering a dynamic and stable shot.
Industry-First High-Strength Carbon Sheet
The ARMRQ FX Shaft, featuring an industry-first high-strength carbon sheet, has evolved to provide a gentle grip, high trajectory, and improved flying capabilities. Despite reducing the number of layers in the composite fabric, the use of a 70t pitch high-elasticity fiber maintains strength, resulting in a lightweight, flexible, and balanced shaft with a closer kick point to the head, ensuring high reproducibility of "long and straight" shots.
Stabilized Trajectory with Kick Point Optimization
The ARMRQ FX, with a slightly lower kick point compared to the previous model, stabilizes the swing trajectory, ensuring precise shots. Increased flexibility contributes to significant bend, enhancing distance performance.
Accelerated Head Speed with Lightweight Shaft
The lightweight design of the new shaft, compared to the previous model, accelerates head balance, resulting in increased head speed and extended flying distance.
Grade-Dependent Shaft Performance
All grades feature the "Toray Industries-developed pre-preg of the Torayca® MX series," balancing high compressive strength and high elastic modulus. Furthermore, HONMA's technology adjusts shaft structure and material based on grade, enhancing distance performance and directional stability as the grade increases.
Torayca® M40X (Used in 3S Grade and Above)
A groundbreaking material with improved elasticity surpassing conventional high-elastic carbon, Torayca® M40X features outstanding shape memory performance. Superior shape retention makes it suitable for longer shafts and reinforcement.
Torayca® T1100G (Used in All Grades)
An industry-first adopted by HONMA, Torayca® T1100G is a widely-used high-performance pre-preg, achieving a balance of high elasticity and high strength.
ARMRQ FX 3S - The high-elastic trading card M40X, which pursues the ultimate in both fiber strength and elastic modulus, provides superior playing performance that efficiently accelerates head speed without waste while suppressing torque and improving stability.
ARMRQ FX LIGHT - This shaft is recommended for seniors and low-swing speed players who cannot swing or increase distance with the regular ARMRQ FX/R flex, and female golfers who feel that regular ladies' clubs are underspec.


Loft angle (°) 9.5 10.5
Head material/manufacturing method Ti811 body (casting) + carbon sole + stainless steel weight + HMT face (rolled)
Head volume (㎤) 460
Lie angle (°) 59.0
Length (inch) *60 degree method 45.75
Balance/total weight (g) ARMRQ FX LIGHT R C9/about 280
ARMRQ FX R D1/approx. 285
SR D2/approx. 289
S D2/approx. 291


model flex Length (mm) Weight(g) Torque (°) Chip diameter (mm) Butt diameter (mm) condition
ARMRQ FX LIGHT 3S R 1,153 43.0 8.00 8.6 15.2 middle tone
ARMRQ FX 3S R 1,153 45.5 7.95 8.6 15.2 middle tone
SR 48.0 7.25 15.6
S 50.5 7.15 15.6

*Data is for a single shaft

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