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Kyoei 2023 KK Custom Wedge

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Kyoei 2023 KK Wedge

Accuracy & Spin

Introducing the 2023 KYOEI KK Wedge, the latest offering from the renowned Japanese brand. The new 2023 KK Wedge is designed to provide maximum spin and control, making it a perfect addition to any golfer's bag. The advanced technology behind its CNC sharp grooves and tight face milling allows for maximum spin on the ball, creating more stopping power in your wedge game.
With a commitment to quality and materials the soft Japan forged S20C material ensures that this club is of the highest grade and most buttery feel. The unique simplistic yet modern design also allows for a sharp presence in the bag. Whether you’re looking to hit a chip or a full-swing, the 2023 KYOEI KK Wedge is sure to provide you with the ultimate accuracy, spin and grind technology.

Japan's most advanced golf wedge

Performance and precision are the two pillars of quality craftsmanship. When it comes to CNC milled products, no detail is overlooked. From the beautiful Brushed Satin Chrome finish to the timeless engraved theme, each product is crafted with utmost care and attention to deliver exceptional results.
The results speak for themselves with a product that is both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing, delivering performance and precision in one package.
Experience quality, accuracy, and spin on the golf course like never before—all while lowering your scores.


No Loft ( ° ) Lie ( ° ) Bounce ( ° ) Grind
52 52 64 10 F
56 56 64 12 M
60 60 64 14 D


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