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BGT Stability Tour Black Putter Shaft

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BGT  Stability Tour Black Putter Shaft

Stealth Design.

In the spirit of Ely Callaway and Karsten Solheim, Barney Adams is one of golf’s great icons. The Stability Tour Black is an ode to his devotion to the game and his passionate contribution to the industry. This premium putter shaft is designed with a stealth black matte shaft and glossy branding.
tour black


Each shaft is custom designed to achieve a high-end look. The glossy artwork has a high shine and the overall putter shaft has a deep matte finish, which minimizes light reflection for no line of site distraction. The combination provides a premium black on black luster available only in Stability Tour Black.


It will balance like a steel shaft which makes it easy to recreate a specific swing weight when re‑shafting. Better golfers can replace their steel shaft without changing the balance of the putter.


Offers a softer feel. It will match the balance point and flex profile of steel with 30% more carbon fiber for crisp, responsive sound and control.

Stability Tour Black Shaft

tour black
Tip Diameter .355″ .370″ .390″
Length 37″
Weight 102 gm
Butt Diameter 0.600″
Torque 1 ̊
Flex Ultra Tour Stiff
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