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With 130% crisper graphics, five distinct playing surfaces and a 24 direction moving swing plate- this is the future of virtual golf.

Experience Unreal

Experience 130% sharper graphics paired with a 24-position moving swing plate that recreates true course contours. Dual high speed cameras capture swing and ball data like never before. Golfzon TwoVision changes the game.

Unreal Swing Plate

24 position swing plate combined with multisurface mats recreates true course contours.

Unreal Cameras & Sensors

TwoVision’s dual high speed sensors offer the most accurate swing data available. Take advantage of the new Virtual Caddie to up your game.

Unreal Courses

TwoVision allows you to play against yourself, challenge your buddy in the next bay, or compete against fellow golfers in the next state and around the globe. 200+ courses available.


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