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Honma BE-09 3-Star Men's Hybrid

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Honma BE-09 3-Star Men's Hybrid 

Introducing the Honma Beres 09 3S Utility – your key to achieving precision on the golf course. Designed to target the pin with dead-on accuracy and a soaring trajectory, this utility club sets a new standard in performance and innovation.

Pinpoint Accuracy with High Trajectory
Strategically placed weight towards the back heel enhances grip performance, delivering a high trajectory that allows you to aim for the pin with unmatched precision. Experience stability in direction and exceptional straight-line performanc

Tungsten Nickel Weight Technology
 The inclusion of Tungsten Nickel Weight technology, with a 14g weight (including screws) positioned towards the back heel, further enhances grip performance. This technology ensures optimal weight distribution for improved control and accuracy.

Precision-engineered Face and Crown
 The face and crown are meticulously crafted with reduced thickness, enhancing rebound performance. The expanded rebound area, compared to previous models, ensures a powerful and controlled shot.

Club-specific Sole Thickness and Center of Gravity Flow Design
Tailored for each club, the design incorporates optimal spin for every loft, allowing you to stop the ball on the green with precision. Achieve consistent distance control between clubs for confident shot-making.


count U19 U22 U25
Loft angle (°) 19.0 22.0 25.0
Head material/manufacturing method SUS630 body (casting) + tungsten nickel weight + high strength custom steel (rolled)
Head volume (㎤) 136
Lie angle (°) 59.5
Length (inch) *60 degree method 40.5 40.0 39.5
Balance/total weight (g) ARMRQ FX LIGHT R C8/about 313 C8/approx. 318 C8/approx. 323
ARMRQ FX R D0/about 318 D0/approx. 323 D0/approx. 328
S.R. D1/approx. 324 D1/approx. 329 D1/approx. 334
S D1/approx. 326 D1/approx. 331 D1/approx. 336



model flex Length (mm) Weight(g) Torque (°) Chip diameter (mm) Butt diameter (mm) condition
ARMRQ FX LIGHT 3S R 1,030 40.0 7.10 9.3 15.1 middle tone
ARMRQ FX 3S R 1,093 42.5 7.05 9.3 15.1 middle tone
SR 47.0 6.35 15.4
S 49.0 6.25 15.4

*Data is for a single shaft

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